04. November 2012

Relation adrift in the haze

by Veronika Sobolova

veronika-sobolova-modifieedEvery American presidential election tends to be the most important in the history. But this really is. What do you think, can we expect a change in the White House after the 6th of November? Barack Obama promised the change in every of his speech four years ago. Well Mr. President, I am still waiting! Maybe it will finally come, but with Mitt Romney…

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02. November 2012

When Actions are Priceless

by Daniel Gjokjeski

daniel-gjokjeski2As president of the Ivanov School of Leaders Alumni Association I worked on a project titled “Dreaming in color” which was one of our first activities several months after the formation of the organization. The idea was to find a way to present to high school students the benefits of volunteering in a fun and interactive way, so they will better understand our message that through volunteering they will gain an advantage that in future will provide experience and opportunities that are priceless. But, let`s start from the very beginning and why volunteerism.

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23. October 2012

Political Islam: Opportunity or Challenge?

by Enja Sæthren

Enja Sæthren NEWThe most striking feature of the far-reaching political changes in the Middle East and North Africa over the past year has been the increasing importance of Islamic mass movements. In the wake of the riots large sections of the electorate in Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt have shifted their allegiances to the Islamic parties. Does this constitute an opportunity or is it a challenge?

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22. October 2012

Transatlantic Relations?

by Daniele Mallamaci

daniele-mallamaci-modifiedIn the aftermath of 9/11, the European countries joined the US in their “War on Terror”. In fact – while continuing to pursue their commercial and monetary integration – they decided to collaborate militarily and politically with Washington in reshaping the Central Asia and the Middle-East assets. That was active synergy on the global stage.

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22. October 2012

New East, New Powers – Europe in the Asia-Pacific Century

by Heidi Beha

heidi_beha-2012-2015-modifiedIf you are given the secret mission to conquer Asia when you are playing ‘Risk,’ the strategic board game, then you have got quite a job on your hands. It is not an easy card to play. After all, you are being asked to conquer twelve regions from Ural to Siam and from the Middle East to Kamchatka. This is far more complicated than to seizing Africa or South America, not only on account of the number of countries your troops have to occupy, but also because on the ‘Risk’ game board Asia can be attacked in a variety of ways. In the recent past many global powers seem to have been given a difficult card to play, and that is because we have been told that we are now in the Asia-Pacific Century. But it is surely encouraging that in modern foreign policy success is no longer measured in terms of the number of soldiers that are stationed in a particular region.

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