19. October 2012

The Desperate Need for Forward Momentum

by Daniel Gjokjeski

daniel-gjokjeski2What today characterizes the European Union is the economic crisis, antipathy of the European citizens and the internal separation depending on country’s priorities and interests. But, we should be aware that today’s focus is not on the priorities of the EU as such, and that those priorities are only one section of the action plan and linkage under the starry sky of the EU. Although the initial creation of this organization may not fully interact with today’s activities, we should not forget its mission, vision and what this organization represented in it’s more than 50 years of existence. Also, many of the challenges today are caused by internal insufficiently defined or inappropriate external relations, and many are results of global trends and changes. And most importantly, which is the way to embrace the life cycle of this organization in positive direction.

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15. October 2012

Where were you in 1992?

by Adnan Rahimic

1-adnan-rahimicI was 9 years old when the first explosion happened in my hometown which announced dark clouds of war in my country. For a kid who was in school one day and next one in the shelter, that become my home in further years, it was a new feeling, not understandable, not accustomed. I just got my new bike, my birthday was close, I invited my classmates for a party, and I had my first crush on a girl, Kristina. This was not right. Right?  Just few days before my birthday, and after days of explosions, fighting, deportations, killings, my parents decided that it was not safe for the youngsters to be in Mostar anymore, so they decided to send us away, far away from the “new story in creation”. Instead of the big birthday party that my parents prepared every year inviting members of family, friends, I celebrated my 10th birthday far away from my town, away from people that were present in my everyday life. My only gift was a hope that we will be reunited again. After some months, we have returned home, but Mostar was different city. Ruins everywhere, no electricity power, no water, no familiar faces.

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12. October 2012

Special Thanks to the Crisis: EU Coverage in German Media

by Heidi Beha

heidi_beha-2012-2015-modifiedThe announcement of this year’s winner of the Nobel Peace Prize turned German TV screens and websites into the European colours – again one has to say. But in contrast to the bad news on the financial and economical crisis, the Nobel Prize provoked supportive commentaries, solemn retrospection and well-intentioned reports. Only a day earlier, pictures of Angela Merkel’s special-police-protected visit in Athens framed with protestors were allover the German media.

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11. October 2012

Time to change our mental maps

by Marian Cramers

Marian Cramers NEWI wholeheartedly support Lukas Brück’s idealism and the point he makes. I, too, believe that Europe is far more than a necessary evil in times of globalisation and that the current crisis is financially manageable and can be solved, given the crucial commitment across the member states.

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30. September 2012

The Marxist Monks’ Manifesto – A Note on the European Discourse and the Civic Governance

by Katerina Pekarek


“Marx was writing here.”
“Yeah, you know, back in the nineteenth century. Working on a manuscript.”
“Oh, that’s amazing, I thought that the Capital has been written in England.”
“What? The Capital? As by Marx?”
“Well, you said Marx was working on a manuscript here… Did he write anything else?”
“Man, not Marx… the Monks!” I said the monks were working on a manuscript…”
“Aha, well maybe they were Marxist monks then!”

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