07. February 2012

Ukraine: dazed and confused

by Ulyana Vynyarchuck

ulyana-vynyarchuck-modifiedDazed and confused, in my opinion that’s the way Ukrainian society feels these days. And frankly speaking it’s not all about the woman, namely Mrs.Tymoshenko – the former prime minister of Ukraine. The major concern of the average Ukrainian has more to do with the nation’s self determination in the international arena.

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23. January 2012

Stop tying up resources – talk straight

by Lukas Brück


Germany pays billions to bankrupt states, it is about to lose its AAA+ Rating (as France just did on Saturday the 01-14-2012) and all of the above mentioned sacrifices are without any benefits. This information is the wide spread opinion, broadcasted by BILD, Focus, et al, disparagingly called the “royal court newspapers” of Germany. These newspapers create the opinion, according to a representative survey1, that 46 percent, almost one in two, German residents believes that Germany would be better off without the European Union.

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18. January 2012

A European Future for the Western Balkans – challenges and perspectives

by Nevena Jovanovic

nevena-jovanovic-2011-2012-modifiedAlmost a decade has passed since the European Union, at the ‘EU – Western Balkans Summit’ in Thessaloniki, gave a clear European perspective for the countries of the Western Balkans (WB) for the first time, according to the individual progress each of them. Today, when all Western Balkan countries (except Croatia) have a long way ahead toward full EU membership we cannot skip over two important questions which are: ‘are the EU and Western Balkans drifting apart?’, and, ‘how sustainable is the EU enlargement strategy for the successful completion of this process?’

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17. January 2012


by Apollonia Khan

apollonia-khan-2011-2012-modifiedThe European Parliament, since its election at the universal suffrage in 1979, has gained more and more power in the European decision-making process. It fought for it during the years by bringing forward a strong and valid point: it is legitimate because it embodies the European citizens, being the voice of the “Intérêt général” of the EU as a whole. I would like to question the reality of those principals. The devil hides in the details.

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13. January 2012

Hard Reset – A button Europe so desperately needs

by Milan Balaban

milan-balaban2Being a machine would be a wonderful thing in this time of a crisis. Machines can be restarted easily and the reboot of their systems cleans everything so that they start fresh. Alas, we are only humans and we do not have the luxury of a fresh start everyday. Such is the case with European Union, or is it?

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