28. September 2011

Ménage à trois

by Apollonia Khan

apollonia-khan-2011-2012-modifiedWhile listening to a journalist of the Financial Times, one could think that the Eurozone, and with it most certainly the EU all together, were doomed. Since it is bound to its unavoidable economic future, it appears  that there is nothing anybody  can do about it. Depressing statement indeed.

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25. September 2011

Communicating the EU to young people

by Nevena Jovanovic

nevena-jovanovic-2011-2012-modifiedThe young people living in the former Communist countries of South Eastern Eu­rope, on a daily basis, can hear about “European practices” and “European standards” in different fields of public life, which are usually taken as measure of positive or at least favorable way of doing things. Regardless whether the state has reached its final phases (such as Croatia), or is making the first steps to the EU membership (such as Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, etc.), easily can be witnessed how profound effects it has not only on socio-political processes, but on political culture as well.

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25. September 2011

The epilogue of the European ideal?

by Estefanía Almenta

estefania-almenta-lopez-modifiedI belong to the Erasmus generation. I have had the opportunity to live and study abroad without the nightmare of getting visas and exchanging currencies. I have friends from all across Europe. I speak four European languages. I feel European rather than Spanish.

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24. September 2011

Schengen: Why not only European, but also inter-institutional solidarity is needed

by Thomas Baumgartner

23-thomas-baumgartnerThe last weeks were not easy ones for the European Union: Besides a growing uncertainty about the Greek tragedy, it was mainly the Schengen discussion dominating the headlines. By the beginning of September it became clear, that it would be highly unlikely to reach a compromise regarding the accession of Romania and Bulgaria to the Schengen area in the next Council for Justice and Home Affairs. Although the two countries met the technical requirements, Finland and the Netherlands decided to block their accession – a clear breach of the EU’s own rules.

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