20. October 2014

FutureLab Europe discussed the Future of Democracy in Belgium

A citizen taking notes at a workshop during the Pan-European Citizens' Dialogue

On October 17-18, 2014 Futurelabers met in Brussels on the occasion of a workshop on “The State of Democracy in Belgium”. During the two-day workshop, the group discussed the strengths and weaknesses of the current system and worked on participants’ own proposals to improve the quality of Belgium’s democracy. The main aim of the initiative was to revitalize the political debate around democracy, injecting new ideas in the political arena.

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30. September 2014

The Fourth FutureLab Europe Annual Forum took place in Brussels


The fourth edition of the FutureLab Europe Annual Forum took place in Brussels from 21 – 26 September 2014. A new FLE ‘generation’ of young, bright professionals conveyed to the European Policy Centre to discuss issues revolving around “The State of Democracy and Equal Opportunities”, this year overall topic.

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23.-29. September 2014

The Fourth FutureLab Europe Annual Forum: Day 1-5


As a member of the 4th FutureLab Europe generation, it is my pleasure to recall the very inspiring speeches of the first day of this year’s Annual Forum. After some introductory words on the think tank world in Brussels, we had the chance to discuss not only the main competences of EU decision-making actors, but also the novelties regarding the 2014 European Parliament elections, namely the Spitzenkandidaten experiment and the politicised Commission of Jean-Claude Juncker.

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28. August 2014

Europe@debate in Oslo, Norway: New Social and Digital Media in the European Public Sphere


On September 1, 2014, Future Europe participants took part in the Europe@debate: New Social and Digital Media in the European Public Sphere organised by the Fritt Ord Foundation in Oslo. FutureLabbers Dorit Fauck, Kati Temonen, Doru Toma, Stephan Kool, Milos Djindjic, Enja Sæthren and Tonje Olsrud presented their position paper on the opportunities and challenges that a European public sphere implies.

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04. June 2014

FutureLab Europe talks with Henri Malosse, President of the EESC

henri-malosse-membre-cese-depuis-sept-conscient-ampleur-tache-attend_0_1400_839On Tuesday 3rd of June 2014 FutureLab Europe took part in an informal discussion with the president of the European Economic and Social Committee Henri Malosse to take stock of the recent European elections results. The President called this meeting with young European opinion-leaders was to address his concern about the widespread ‘anti-voice’, and join them in a discussion on how ‘Brussels’ can change within the coming 5-year term.

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