27. January 2014

Forum on Education and Entrepreneurship

“Bridging the gap between school, higher education and working life”

Many young Europeans, after investing years into education and personal development now find themselves frustrated after fruitless application procedures and uninspiring opportunities. The Forum on Entrepreneurship and Education on 1 March 2014 in Ronda, Spain, will focus on how to best bridge between education and working life, including the availability of opportunities for entrepreneurships. The debates will emphasize on concrete proposals and identify best practices to emulate elsewhere, with a particular focus on the role of the European Union and the opportunities of the internal market.

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12. December 2013

Europe@debate in Helsinki – The limits of Europe: The future of the EU’s relations with its Eastern neighbours

img_2753A position paper on “The limits of Europe: The future of the EU’s relations with its Eastern neighbours“  written by FutureLab Europe openned the the Europe@debate on 9 December at Eurooppasali in Helsinki. Carl Haglund, Finnish Minister of Defence, responded in his keynote speech to some of the issues raised, followed by a panel debate about the future of the EU’s relations with its Eastern neighbours in the light of current events in Ukraine.

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11. December 2013

On the situation in Ukraine with FutureLab Europe

ulyana_heidi_finnish-tvFutureLab participants Ulyana Vynyarchuck and Heidi Beha spoke about what is going on in the streets of Ukraine, the role of the European Union, differences between the relations to Russia and the former relations to Soviet Union. The interview in “Min Morgon” of Svenska Yle took part on the ocasion of Europe@debate in  Helsinki on “The limits of Europe: The future of the EU’s relations with its Eastern neighbours” and was aired on Tuesday 10 December 2013.

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10. December 2013

A chat about the European elections with a Greek MEP

_mg_2231On the occasion of the 15 years’ remembrance of the passing away of Konstantinos Karamanlis, former Prime Minister of Greece, and the 10th anniversary of the inauguration of the European Parliament’s K.Karamanlis passerelle, FutureLab spoke to Greek MEP Georgios Koumoutsakos about the upcoming European Parliament elections and the role of young people in it. Who could better give account of how Europe has changed during the last years and still is in change than a Greek MEP?

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02. December 2013

FutureLab Europe took part in the 2013 Berlin Foreign Policy Forum

md417067_aAt the 3rd Berlin Foreign Policy Forum on November 26, high-ranking politicians, government officials, experts as well as journalists met to examine central issues facing German and European policymakers. Joining the debates and presenting the voice of the young European generation were FutureLab Europe participants Andréa Chabant Sánchez (France and Spain), Max Eklund (Finland), James Kilcourse (Ireland), Doris Manu and Doru Thoma (both from Romania).

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