Concluded Projects

The Hidden- A Documentary Film on Hidden Homelessness


How can people lose their home? How could families lose the safe haven of an apartment? How could this happen in the EU without anybody noticing it or even protest?

FutureLab Europe participants Christoph Janosch Delcker (Director) and Marian Cramers (Executive Producer) looked closely. Their short documentary film ‘The Hidden’ describes the widely unknown social phenomenon, so-called ‘hidden homelessness’: people who have a roof over their head, but no home of their own. These are people who are forced to sleep at their partners’ or friends’ places, in squats, or in temporary housing solutions.

The documentary was launched in Brussels in conjunction with a policy dialogue on hidden homelessness and social cohesion in Europe.

Plan Balkans: Europolitan! – Essay and Photo Competition

Do young people in the Balkans feel as if they are a part of Europe?
With the project Plan Balkans: Europolitan, FutureLabbers Irma Zulic, Adnan RahimicDanijela Bozovic and Jovana Mihajlovic, launched a regional essay and photo competition asking for submissions reflecting on the question Why can people from the Balkan countries already be considered to be citizens of Europe?. The project aimed at fostering a reflection among young people on the role of youth as an actor in the process of EU integration in the Western Balkans.  The project featured a quantitative survey, a qualitative insight through an essay and photo competition and a panel debate in Sarajevo organized within the framework of the Sarajevo International Summer School.

Fortress Europe from a Youth Perspective – Photo Exhibition

What is lost when youth are left to roam without a citizenship and a right to residence in Europe?

With this project Elias Vartio, Enja SæthrenJames Kilcourse and Theodora Matziropoulou, looked into the impact of the Dublin Regulation on young asylum-seekers and examined whether the system could be changed to better meet the needs of young asylum-seekers in Europe. The project featured a research paper and a photo exhibition in Oslo.