We don’t need no education – Bosnia and Herzegovina’s higher education reform

by Hatidza Jahic and Adnan Rahimic

hatidza-jahic 1-adnan-rahimic

The word ‘reform’ is the most commonly used word in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). One way or another the country has been in some kind of reform process for the past 22 years. Reform became like a family member: we live with reform every day; we eat fruits and vegetables that are produced according to ‘reform’ instructions. The constant use of this word by politicians, teachers, family members and media create the sense that if you want to succeed in life, you have to reform.

[Behind the scenes] Skill Up! Workshop in Bergen

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FutureLab Europe officially unveils its five European projects for 2017

FutureLab Europe members have developed five projects that will be rolled out throughout 2017. Touching on European identity, equal opportunities and democratic values, the projects will be implemented on the local level in 11 countries, from Spain to Ukraine. With their trans-European outlook, the projects combine local civic engagement with heartfelt European citizenship. The results will be presented in our September Autumn Conference in Brussels.

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