FutureLab Europe welcomed 18 new participants to its 2017 Annual Forum in Brussels

16. January 2017

For its 2017 edition, FutureLab Europe selected 18 bright and committed young Europeans who want to play a role in the future of Europe by implementing a project with a civic impact. Selected participants convened in Brussels from 10 to 13 January 2017 for a 4 days seminar on occasion of the FutureLab Europe Annual Forum, whereby they became official members of FutureLab Europe’s sixth generation.

#Pray for … people

4. July 2016 by Adnan Rahimic

adnan-rahimic2I was born too late to be part of an era of great adventures and exploration of new worlds, and I was born too early to be a part of a generation that witnessed space travel. Instead, I’m part of a decade and century marked with wars, hate towards the unknown, xenophobia, racism and homophobia. We risk dangerously sliding back; making the same mistakes of the past and disregarding its lessons and warnings.

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Brussels – will it ever be the same?

10. April 2016 by Darija Maric

Darija MaricI will never forget the first time I went to Brussels. I was part of a leadership development programme and we were presenting our project in the ‘capital of Europe’. After our seminar was over, we did the whole tourist experience – we ate waffles at the Grote Markt, posed for pictures in front of the Place Royale and took a walk through Parc du Cinquantenaire. I remember Manneken Pis was a bit disappointing for me (I expected it to be bigger!) but I found some comfort in excellent Belgian beer, which we all had together in the famous Delirium bar.

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Is Europe losing it?

9. April 2016 by Sandra Grindgärds

Sandra GrindgärdsObserving how Europe manages the current influx of migrants, I wonder, is Europe losing it? How much longer can we hold on to our credibility of being a society built on human rights, tolerance, equality and social capital? Growing racism, justified hate-speeches and human beings being marked as security risks all indicate that an enhanced ‘we versus them’ culture is rising. A culture that says some human beings are superior to others, that compromises social capital and the ability to trust each other.

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The election weekend in Slovakia is over. Why should we care?

10. March 2016 by Zuzana Novakova

novakova_zuzannaLast weekend’s elections in Slovakia would perhaps not have meant so much, had they not happened amid the rising illiberal wave in Central Europe, or more particularly, in the troubled Visegrad region. In the context of a backlash against liberal democracy and (perhaps) threatening to undo the progress achieved by years of European integration.

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