Workshop “Skill Up!” in Athens!

How to skill up your future? On Saturday, 29 April, 2017 (from 10:30 to 14:30), the first workshop of FutureLab Europe's project Skill Up! will be held in Athens at the Impact HUB Athens. In collaboration with The Language Project, the team of Techfugees, the magazine Solomon and Generation 2.0 for Rights, Equality & Diversity, the workshop led by Violetta Tsitsiliani  … Continue reading Workshop “Skill Up!” in Athens!

FutureLab Europe officially unveils its five European projects for 2017

FutureLab Europe members have developed five projects that will be rolled out throughout 2017. Touching on European identity, equal opportunities and democratic values, the projects will be implemented on the local level in 11 countries, from Spain to Ukraine. With their trans-European outlook, the projects combine local civic engagement with heartfelt European citizenship. The results will be presented in our September Autumn Conference in Brussels.

Letters to Europe – Female Refugees Telling Their Stories

Empowering refugee women to tell their stories, Letters to Europe – Female Refugees Telling Their Stories touches upon the topics of equal opportunities, European identity, and combatting stereotypes. The tri-national team will reach out to female refugees in Spain, Germany and the Netherlands to share their stories in a book with texts in the original language and an English … Continue reading Letters to Europe – Female Refugees Telling Their Stories

Skill Up!

Skill Up! will foster equal opportunities for young people in Europe, through a series of social entrepreneurship workshops aimed at empowering young, vulnerable and marginalised groups in Greece and Norway. By bringing together young asylum seekers and unemployed immigrants with young professionals who have strong links to social entrepreneurship, the workshops will aim to increase their chances of … Continue reading Skill Up!

FutureLab Europe members interviewed by Malta’s multimedia project Beehive Malta 2017

As part of the Maltese presidency of the Council of the European Union, four Maltese journalists were sent to Brussels to capture different Europeans’ views and ideas on Europe. FutureLabbers Marsida Bandilli, Matilda Flemming, Doris Manu and Simona Pronckute offered their take on the EU’s achievements, its challenges and its future, touching upon female leadership, democratic rights, peace and development.