The impact of the #MeToo campaign on the Russian society: is something about to change?

08. March 2018

by Yulia Gershinkova

The #MeToo campaign has become one of the most influential movements against sexual abuse, leading to the biggest scandal in Hollywood in recent history. It brought stories of harassment and sexual assault to the foreground and united millions of women across the globe against all forms of abuse. It was not so in Russia, where the campaign generated different reactions from Russian state media, the film industry and the general public.

#MeToo’s echo in Germany: has German society finally overcome the power of silence?

08. March 2018

by Miriam Mona Muller


In the international press, Germany is often portrayed as one of the champions of human rights. However, the #MeToo movement has shown that neither politicians nor German society at large has a common understanding of women’s rights. The country struggles to talk about patriarchy, gender-based power relations and sexual abuse, the majority of German people prefer to remain silent. But that situation is about to change; Germany now has its own Weinstein: Dieter Wedel.

Letters to Europe – refugee women write

28. February 2018

The refugee crisis in Europe has raised tempers and become a subject of debate in almost every country. Over the course of the process, a stereotype has evolved, painting the ‘young, male Syrian refugee’ as the typical asylum seeker. This narrative leaves little space to talk about the often widely divergent backgrounds and identities of refugees and makes it easier to ignore refugee women, children, the elderly and their needs and role in the future of Europe.

A video on the 2018 Annual Forum – the participants’ perspective

FutureLab Europe’s participants Alin Gabriel Gramescu and David Timis tell in this video their journey from Romania to Brussels to attend the 2018 Annual Forum. The event was held from the 23rd to the 26th January: during this four days the new members of the 7th generation met for the first time, attended workshops, debates … Continue reading A video on the 2018 Annual Forum – the participants’ perspective