Media plays a vital role in empowering young voices – who are often left at the margins of the public debate – and can effectively contribute to the creation of a pan-European debate that goes beyond language barriers.

FutureLab Europe regularly co-operates with media outlets. So far, the German newspapers Süddeutsche and Handelsblatt, the Franco-German magazine ParisBerlin, the journal Visegrad Insight as well as the European media outlets EUobserver and EurActiv have published articles authored by FutureLabbers. Thanks to these successful partnerships, German readers of the newspapers Süddeutsche and Handelsblatt were directly presented with the perspective of young people from Greece, while the European readers of EUobserver and EurActiv heard voices from the member states. Such horizontal, cross-country links and vertical, bottom-up connections, are the basis for a pan-European dialogue and strengthen mutual understanding, fostering a sense of shared European identity.

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