FutureLab Europe regularly co-operates with media outlets. Thanks to its successful partnerships, German readers of the newspapers Süddeutsche and Handelsblatt were directly presented with the perspective of young people from Greece, while the European readers of EUobserver and EurActiv heard voices from the member states. Such horizontal, cross-country links and vertical, bottom-up connections, are the basis for a pan-European dialogue and strengthen mutual understanding, fostering a sense of shared European identity. This section contains FutureLab Europe’s cooperation with media.

12.July 2018

Hometelling – Testimonials from Europe


The students-lead German media initiatives edit.Magazin and Laute Europäer  reported on our project  Hometelling – Testimonials from Europe which aims to explore the question of belonging and identity in Europe. By asking Europeans where and what is home for them, the team aims to draw attention to the diversity of living experiences and what makes them ‘feel home’ in Europe.

23. September 2017

The play ‘refugee (woman) :)’ of FutureLab Europe’s Letters to Europe project was reviewed by the Brussels Express

20170921_FutureLab_play_Brussels (2)

The Brussels Express reviewed the play ‘refugee (woman) :)’, which was developed by the team of Letters to Europe – Female Refugees Telling Their Stories, one of the five projects supported by FutureLab Europe in 2017. The article features interviews with actress Enana and director and FutureLab Europe member Konstantin Bucholz.

28. February 2017

FutureLab Europe members Marsida Bandilli, Matilda Flemming, Doris Manu and Simona Pronckute were interviewed by Malta’s multimedia project Beehive Malta 2017

CaptureOn the occasion of the Maltese presidency in the EU Council, four Maltese journalists have been sent to Brussels to get hold of different Europeans’ views and ideas on Europe. FutureLabbers Marsida Bandilli, Matilda Flemming, Doris Manu and Simona Pronckute offered their take on the EU’s achievements, its challenges and its future, touching upon female leadership, democratic rights, peace and development.

29. November 2016

FutureLab Europe’s Europe@debate ‘What role for young people in protecting democracy in Europe?’ was covered by ANSA and eunews

The Italian press agency ANSA and the online newspaper eunews covered the FutureLab Europe Europe@debate ‘What role for young people in protecting democracy in Europe?’. On this occasion, FutureLab Europe members Thomas Baumgartner, Leticia Diez Sanchez, Janosch Delcker, Darija Maric debated the role of young people in protecting democracy in Europe with Brando Benifei, Member of the European Parliament, Elisa Lironi, Digital Democracy and Campaigning Manager at the European Citizen Action Service (ECAS) and Artur Wieczorek, Secretary General of the Federation of Young European Greens. More info on the event, including a full report can be found here.

January-April 2016

FutureLab Europe members Hanna Pieńczykowska, Srdjan Hercigonja and Maël Baseilhac on the Franco-German Magazine ParisBerlin

parisberlinThe Franco-German Magazine ParisBerlin published articles written by FutureLab Europe members Hanna PieńczykowskaMaël Baseilhac and Srdjan Hercigonja. The text are available in English on the FutureLab Europe website (Poland: Eurosceptics take over by Hanna Pieńczykowska, The worn leather of a suitcase by Maël Baseilhac and Walls – New Integral Part of the European Identity? by Srdjan Hercigonja)

17. December 2015

FutureLab Europe member Srdjan Hercigonja on the analysis and opinion journal Visegrad Insight

visegrad_insight_logo_300x500FutureLab Europe member Srdjan Hercigonja’s blog post Walls – New Integral Part of the European Identity has been republished on the analysis and opinion journal Visegrad Insight.

9. February 2015

FutureLab Europe member Nitin Sood on the European newspaper EUobserver

An adapted version of FutureLab Europe member Nitin Sood’s blog post The illusion of the EU’s commitment to LGBT rights was republished  on the European newspaper EUobserver.com.

16. January 2015

FutureLab Europe collaborates with the German newspaper Süddeutsche

suddeutscheFutureLab Europe has established a cooperation with the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung. Every month, FutureLab Europe participants will write articles to be published in German on Süddeutsche Zeitung and in English on the FutureLab Europe website. With this cooperation, FutureLab Europe aims at promoting the exchange of ideas between the citizens of Europe, breaching the often compartmentalised national debates with fresh views from various parts of the continent.

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28. May 2014

FutureLab Europe member Marsida Bandilli on the Serbian Newspaper Telegraf


FutureLab Europe member Marsida Bandilli wrote about about the European elections and missing a generation in European politics on the Serbian newspaper Telegraf. Original article: Zgjedhjet e Parlamentit Europian 2014, kandidatët sa të rinj, aq edhe të vjetër.

24. May 2014

FutureLab Europe member Estefania Almenta on the German channel WDR1 #WasZurWahl


FutureLab Europe member Estefanía Almenta talked about on youth unemployment and precarious working conditions, moving around Europe and the role that Germany as a powerful actor plays in Europe on the German channel WDR1’s programme #WasZurWahl.

19. May 2014

FutureLab Europe on Handelsblatt Online – Young Europe: European election series

german-jimenez_handelsblattWhat do young people feel when they think of Europe? What would they want to change, where does the EU plays on their nerves? Handelsblatt Online and FutureLab Europe joined forces to bring up a set of young voices. The first respondents were Kateřina Pekárek from Czech Republic, living in Germany, Noora Löfström, from Finland, living in Belgium, Konstantina Karydi (30) from Greece, Slawomir Parus (27) from Poland, Germán Jiménez Montes (23) from Spain and Dorit Fauck (23) from Germany.

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08. July 2013

FutureLab Europe contributing to Handelsblatt Online

handelsbattWhile German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin discussed job guarantees, financial aid and mobility with the EU council representatives, young Europeans would like to join in and be heard on a topic that concerns them more than anyone else. Six FutureLab Europe participants explained for Handelsblatt Online – a German economic newspaper – the crucial issues that need to be addressed now.

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