As a journalist working for European or national media: Are you interested in what young people think of Europe and EU policies? Do you want to give a voice to young people in your media outlet? Look no further!

FutureLab Europe offers plenty of concrete cooperation opportunities with journalists. Here are some ideas:

  • Interested in our events? Come and report on them!

FutureLab Europe participants have met with many high-level decision-makers and policians across Europe, ranging from former European Parliament President Martin Schult, to EU Council President Herman Van Rompuy, to German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble and many more.

  • Have an opinion column in your newspaper? Publish the  blogpost of one of our FutureLabbers!

FutureLab Europe regularly co-operates with media outlets. So far, the German newspapers Süddeutsche and Handelsblatt, the Franco-German magazine ParisBerlin, the journal Visegrad Insight as well as the European media outlets EUobserver and EurActiv have published articles authored by FutureLabbers. Find out more about our cooperation with media here.

  • Plan to have a broadcast about young people in Europe/the EU? We can provide you with bright candidates!

FutureLabbers regularly participate in television debates, conferences and media broadcast. Some examples are available here.



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