Letters to Europe – refugee women write

28. February 2018

The refugee crisis in Europe has raised tempers and become a subject of debate in almost every country. Over the course of the process, a stereotype has evolved, painting the ‘young, male Syrian refugee’ as the typical asylum seeker. This narrative leaves little space to talk about the often widely divergent backgrounds and identities of refugees and makes it easier to ignore refugee women, children, the elderly and their needs and role in the future of Europe.

Italian elections – an expat exercise

26. February 2018

by Elisabetta Vitello

How does a young Italian expat like me stay informed about what is going on in his/her country? I must confess that I haven’t always done a good job, preferring to read international newspapers where, I thought, I could find more unbiased information, as opposed to the national Italian news. In doing so, I sometimes missed out on some Italian drama (without regrets) and focused more on world politics and international affairs. But...

Meet the new members of the Advisory Group!

17. January 2018 FutureLab Europe is happy to announce the new members of the Advisory Group for the year 2018. Thomas Baumgartner (2011), Guia Bianchi (2016), Darija Maric (2014), Albert Mejer (2016), Georgi Michev (2011), Simona Pronckute (2015), Adnan Rahimic (2011), Louise Roesen Abildgaard (2017), Stine Solvoll Navarsete (2016) and Violetta Tsitsiliani (2017) will assist and … Continue reading Meet the new members of the Advisory Group!

FutureLab Europe is proud to welcome its seventh generation

FutureLab Europe is proud to welcome its seventh generation to the programme!

Alba Biosca Alonso (Spain), Alin Gabriel Gramescu (Romania), Anna Saraste (Finland), Benjamin Wilhelm (Austria), Chrysi Chrysochou (Greece), Elisabetta Vitello (Italy), Emma Thomson (UK), Giovanni Moro (Italy), Iro Kaoukaki (Greece), Kawthar Karout (Sweden), Lourenço Jardim de Oliveira (Portugal), Marija Biljan (Croatia), Miriam Mona Mülller (Germany), Nina Brkuljan (Montenegro), Samson Son (France), Tuure-Eerik Niemi (Finland), David Timis (Romania) and Yulia Gershinkova (Russia) have been selected for FutureLab Europe’s 2018 edition.