The state of the public debate: Polarization at play?

Posted on 31. August 2017 by Anna Kristense Naterstad Berg Harpviken

anna-harpvikenA few years ago, a headline reading: Erdoğan calls Merkel’s stance on EU membership ‘Nazism,’ would have made me raise an eyebrow. Today, such headlines seem entirely normal. This makes me wonder about the development of our news, and in particular about the state of the public debate. It seems as if the debates have gotten harsher, the statements bolder and the headlines bigger. At the same time, people appear increasingly convinced that they are right – less interested in dialogue and reflection. As a student of psychology, with a particular interest in interactions between people and society, this development has both fascinated and frightened me over the last couple of years.

Should there be limits to freedom of speech?

Posted on 13. February 2015 by Darija Maric On January 7, 2015, Paris stood still. At 11 o'clock in the morning, two men forced their way into the offices of Charlie Hebdo, one of France’s major satirical newspapers, and shot down the maintenance worker and 11 other people. When we saw it on the news, we … Continue reading Should there be limits to freedom of speech?

In the middle of Charlie

Posted on 29. January 2015 by Anna Harpviken My immediate reaction to the articles and blogs that were posted after the attack on Charlie Hebdo was mixed. Almost everyone had an opinion, and it also seemed that it was possible to pick at something in everything that was written. Authors were called too narrow-minded or … Continue reading In the middle of Charlie

A letter to Charlie

Posted on 26. January 2015 by Maël Baseilhac Fear for the Muslims of France Dear Charlie, As someone currently living and working in a Muslim country, my first reaction to the latest extremist attacks on free speech in France on Wednesday 7 January was fear. Strangely enough, it wasn’t fear for my security as a … Continue reading A letter to Charlie

Je suis Ahmed*

Posted on 19. January 2015 by Ivan Lavrentjev The tiny country of Estonia has got a new resident. Good news for Estonia, since its birth rate is declining and thousands of people work abroad. But hardly any media coverage was positive, not to mention people’s reactions on Facebook and other social media. The reason for this … Continue reading Je suis Ahmed*