My Special Relationship with the UK

21. June 2016 by Christopher Wratil

christopher-wratil When I came to the UK eight years ago, ‘Brexit’ was not a recognized term and the EU was low on the country’s agenda. I came for the same reason most EU university students come to the UK: I was seeking high quality education. As it happens my specialization was European Union studies. I aspired to learn from the Brits about their perspective on the Union and Brussels. I soon realized that this was an unrealistic plan: ‘European Governance’ at Oxford had 14 students. I was one of three Germans, we had an Italian, a Czech, a Slovak, two US Americans and a Swiss – but only one British girl.

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Are UK citizens losing out in Brussels? Not really

24. May 2016 by Christopher Wratil

Christopher WratilA common criticism of the EU is that Britain lacks influence in Brussels and Strasbourg and can be overruled by other nations. Christopher Wratil uses data from Eurobarometer surveys to analyse whether the EU does act in accordance with public opinion and, specifically, how well the views of UK citizens are represented compared to citizens in other EU countries.

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Why do young Europeans feel neglected?

Posted on 19. May 2014 by Christopher Wratil It was two weeks ago that it happened. In Maastricht, four leading candidates from the major party groupings in the European Parliament were discussing their visions for Europe after the European elections. Young people from all over Europe were invited to ask questions for a  90-minute session via … Continue reading Why do young Europeans feel neglected?

Wearing rose-tinted spectacles on Ukraine?

Posted on 13. May 2014 by Christopher Wratil Yesterday morning pro-Russian separatists in Donetsk and Luhansk announced a clear majority for a separation of Eastern Ukraine from Kiev in Sunday’s referendum. Whereas the Kremlin immediately declared its support of this outcome, EU leaders are calling it unlawful and void. While this is the East-West elite game … Continue reading Wearing rose-tinted spectacles on Ukraine?