Getting civil society organisations and the private sector involved in citizenship education

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How can Belgium’s democratic participation be improved? The improvement of democracy in Belgium can come about through reactivating civic engagement, but civic engagement, in turn, depends on adequate levels of education: citizens need to know why it is worth to mobilise and how they can do it.

In Spain WE also CAN

Posted on 29. May 2014 by Estefanía Almenta The man of the day in Spain is Pablo Iglesias, and his face is on the cover of every single newspaper. He’s a thirty-five-year-old Political Science lecturer at the Complutense de Madrid University, but what was his feat? He’s the leader of ‘Podemos’ (in Spanish, ‘We can’), the political … Continue reading In Spain WE also CAN

Why democracy needs education

Posted on 14. March 2014 by Veronika Sobolova 10 members of FutureLab from 10 different countries were given the possibility to discuss the challenges of democracy back in our countries on the premises of Kind Baudouin Foundation in November 2013. During the lively debate we identified several problems with the functioning of democracies and we recognised … Continue reading Why democracy needs education

Peacing Europe Together – One Piece at a Time

Posted on 29. October 2013 by Lotta Schneidemesser 14 young people from 9 different countries. 21 days in September. A small village 1300 meters high in the mountains in the South of France. Working together as volunteers in the National Park, living together in a small mountain hut, eating together, spending free time together. This is … Continue reading Peacing Europe Together – One Piece at a Time

Save Roşia Montana! The rise of a sleeping nation

Posted on 09. September 2013 by Doru Toma For the last eight days, Bucharest’s University Square has been the new Syntagma or Taksim Square of the region. Since September 1st, thousands of people have gathered in the center of Bucharest each evening to protest against a law concerning the mining project in Roşia Montana, drafted by … Continue reading Save Roşia Montana! The rise of a sleeping nation