Save Roşia Montana! The rise of a sleeping nation

Posted on 09. September 2013 by Doru Toma For the last eight days, Bucharest’s University Square has been the new Syntagma or Taksim Square of the region. Since September 1st, thousands of people have gathered in the center of Bucharest each evening to protest against a law concerning the mining project in Roşia Montana, drafted by … Continue reading Save Roşia Montana! The rise of a sleeping nation

Europe beyond lost generations

Posted on 17. September 2012 by Estefanía Almenta Spain is very proud to have the best prepared generation of young people in its history, but not so pleased to confront that all that training is no guarantee for a job. Unemployment in Spain (25%) is twice the average for the rest of the EU, and that … Continue reading Europe beyond lost generations

The M-15 Movement, a Year Later

Posted on 15. May 2012 by Estefanía Almenta A year later, the so-called M-15 protest movement is back in Spain. But was it ever gone? The M-15 movement, also known as ‘Los Indignados’ (The Outraged), started on May 15th 2011 to demand a radical change in Spanish politics. Chanting “They don’t represent us”, this youth movement … Continue reading The M-15 Movement, a Year Later