Ubiquitous Assimilation of Global Youth

Posted on 08. April 2013 by Daniel Gjokjeski Younger generations tend to settle for a highly streamlined social and economic world that does not ask for big decisions or unconventional thinking. This might sound harsh, but bare with me here! Although I say this now, the final conclusion might be quite different. Let`s explore the correlation … Continue reading Ubiquitous Assimilation of Global Youth

When Actions are Priceless

Posted on 02. November 2012 by Daniel Gjokjeski As president of the Ivanov School of Leaders Alumni Association I worked on a project titled “Dreaming in color” which was one of our first activities several months after the formation of the organization. The idea was to find a way to present to high school students the … Continue reading When Actions are Priceless

The Desperate Need for Forward Momentum

Posted on 19. October 2012 by Daniel Gjokjeski What today characterizes the European Union is the economic crisis, antipathy of the European citizens and the internal separation depending on country’s priorities and interests. But, we should be aware that today’s focus is not on the priorities of the EU as such, and that those priorities are … Continue reading The Desperate Need for Forward Momentum