FutureLab Europe discussed the Future of Democracy in Belgium

20. October 2014 On October 17-18, 2014 Futurelabers met in Brussels on the occasion of a workshop on “The State of Democracy in Belgium”. During the two-day workshop, the group discussed the strengths and weaknesses of the current system and worked on participants’ own proposals to improve the quality of Belgium’s democracy. The main aim … Continue reading FutureLab Europe discussed the Future of Democracy in Belgium

Instead of Twerk & Selfie

Posted on 29. August 2014 by Daniel Gjokjeski Words are the greatest weapon that humankind has ever made. Some may find it controversial to compare them with rifles, bazooka’s or missiles, but if you think about it, every conflict in human history started with words, and then they were used to justify the use of violence. … Continue reading Instead of Twerk & Selfie

Online Anonymity

Posted on 13. January 2014 by Stephan Kool 6 Months have passed since Mrs. Merkels remarks about the ‘Neuland’ internet. As far as we can tell, the excessive spying by the NSA and other intelligence agency has been going on unchanged ever since. The most recent news is that the European parliament has just agreed on … Continue reading Online Anonymity

„Uns geht es gut!“ – So what?

Posted on 05. December 2013 by Lukas Brück According to a recent study by the German institute for economic research (DIW), people in Germany haven’t been more contented in the last 30 years as now. It seems as if there is no awareness about the crisis in Europe and the European Union within the German electorate. … Continue reading „Uns geht es gut!“ – So what?

How attractive is it to be a politician?

Posted on 03. December 2013 by Doris Manu, Marta Remacha Recio, Adnan Rahimić Imagine twelve people standing on a line. All of them have been asked “how attractive is it to be a politician in your country” and they are answering by their placement on the line: right side means completely attractive, left side means absolutely unappealing. … Continue reading How attractive is it to be a politician?