Two realities – the Polish case

16. April 2016 by Michal Gulczynski

Michal GulczynskiIn spite of all the splendid information and communication technologies, it seems very difficult to communicate nowadays. We live in an information bubble, which tends to radicalise our political beliefs. Information now is like music – you only listen to what you like. The posts you see on Facebook depend on what you ‘liked’ in the past. The tweets you see depend on who you have decided to follow. Thanks to the variety of TV channels, you never have to be confronted by opinions you don’t agree with. Why would you like, follow or watch someone who holds the ‘wrong’ opinion?

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Brussels – will it ever be the same?

10. April 2016 by Darija Maric

Darija MaricI will never forget the first time I went to Brussels. I was part of a leadership development programme and we were presenting our project in the ‘capital of Europe’. After our seminar was over, we did the whole tourist experience – we ate waffles at the Grote Markt, posed for pictures in front of the Place Royale and took a walk through Parc du Cinquantenaire. I remember Manneken Pis was a bit disappointing for me (I expected it to be bigger!) but I found some comfort in excellent Belgian beer, which we all had together in the famous Delirium bar.

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Poland: Eurosceptics take over

Posted on 04. November 2015 by Hanna Pienczykowska The national-conservative Law and Justice (PiS) party’s victory in the recent Polish parliamentary elections was no surprise, and came in spite of the Christian Democrat Civic Platform (PO) government’s implementation of the EU financial programmes; continuous economic growth during its eight years in power; and successfully cultivating an … Continue reading Poland: Eurosceptics take over

FutureLab Europe welcomed 24 new participants to its 2015 Annual Forum in Brussels

09. September 2015 From 20 to 25 September, the fifth generation of FutureLab Europe participants travelled to Brussels to take part in the 2015 FutureLab Europe Annual Forum. During the week-long programme, FutureLabbers got a thorough introduction to FutureLab Europe’s focal topics - Active Democracy, Equal Opportunities and European Identity – by meeting top level … Continue reading FutureLab Europe welcomed 24 new participants to its 2015 Annual Forum in Brussels

The Fourth FutureLab Europe Annual Forum: Day 1-5

30. September 2014 FutureLab Europe Annual Forum 2014: Day 1 As a member of the 4th FutureLab Europe generation, it is my pleasure to recall the very inspiring speeches of the first day of this year’s Annual Forum. After some introductory words on the think tank world in Brussels, we had the chance to discuss … Continue reading The Fourth FutureLab Europe Annual Forum: Day 1-5