Two realities – the Polish case

16. April 2016 by Michal Gulczynski

Michal GulczynskiIn spite of all the splendid information and communication technologies, it seems very difficult to communicate nowadays. We live in an information bubble, which tends to radicalise our political beliefs. Information now is like music – you only listen to what you like. The posts you see on Facebook depend on what you ‘liked’ in the past. The tweets you see depend on who you have decided to follow. Thanks to the variety of TV channels, you never have to be confronted by opinions you don’t agree with. Why would you like, follow or watch someone who holds the ‘wrong’ opinion?

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Poland: Eurosceptics take over

Posted on 04. November 2015 by Hanna Pienczykowska The national-conservative Law and Justice (PiS) party’s victory in the recent Polish parliamentary elections was no surprise, and came in spite of the Christian Democrat Civic Platform (PO) government’s implementation of the EU financial programmes; continuous economic growth during its eight years in power; and successfully cultivating an … Continue reading Poland: Eurosceptics take over

Poland: Young people choose European enemies

Posted on 29. May 2014 by Slawomir Parus   Much happened in Poland during the election day – Wojciech Jaruzelski, the last Polish communist dictator, passed away and two strongest parties in the Polish Parliament confirmed their supremacy in Polish politics by gaining 19 seats each in the European Parliament. However, right after the exit polls … Continue reading Poland: Young people choose European enemies