Greek Debt Crisis: Bringing Up A Champion To Lead Further Europeanisation Process?

Posted on 04. September 2015 bySadik Tabar It had been a long time since we could set eyes on a pro-government rally in the Syntagma Square in Greece. Since the Syriza took power in the beginning of 2015, as the Greek PM of new tenure, Tsipras tenaciously emphasised that the Greek debt crisis is essentially … Continue reading Greek Debt Crisis: Bringing Up A Champion To Lead Further Europeanisation Process?

Manifesto: Choose European Democracy, Abandon the Politics of Numbers!


The critical negotiations carried out over the past months between the Greek government and the Eurogroup on the future of the financial assistance programme to Greece triggered a discussion that went way beyond mere economic reforms and financial plans. Concerns about the status of democracy in the EU, solidarity and the future of the Union were voiced by many, who fear the consequences that the handling on the Greek crisis will have on the European continent.

In light of recent developments and worried about the future of the EU and its democracy, a few members of FutureLab Europe wrote together the Manifesto Choose European Democracy, Abandon the Politics of Numbers!


Posted on 05. January 2015 by Mihails Kozlovs Proud to be Latvian, proud to be European – that’s the atmosphere that is right now prevailing in the heart of Baltic countries. It seems that Latvia has done very well since it introduced the Euro a year ago. For me and the majority of people I know … Continue reading #ProudtobeLatvian

My Europe: What young people care about

08. September 2014


How do the young people see their current situation? How important is Europe for them? Where do the political and social challenges lie?

In their series “My Europe. What Young People Care About” Sü published guest contributions by FutureLab Europe participants. This new publication presents seven out of the altogether fifteen articles and further background information.

„Uns geht es gut!“ – So what?

Posted on 05. December 2013 by Lukas Brück According to a recent study by the German institute for economic research (DIW), people in Germany haven’t been more contented in the last 30 years as now. It seems as if there is no awareness about the crisis in Europe and the European Union within the German electorate. … Continue reading „Uns geht es gut!“ – So what?