Science and the Refugees

18. February 2016 by Anna Harpviken

Anna HarpvikenAs a girl that had her Ph.D. party all planned out at the age of six, and with two parents that work as researchers, I have lived to learn the importance of science. Research contributes to innovation, stirs public debate and opens up our minds to new possibilities. From my point of view, these qualities are essential in today’s Europe; this not only applies to the hard sciences and innovation, but also – and maybe more importantly – to today’s reality, in order to understand the current refugee crisis.

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Response to the Public Consultation on the Europe 2020 strategy

31. October 2014


FutureLab Europe participants have responded to the public consultation launched by the European Council and Commission to initiate a review of the Europe 2020 strategy.

FutureLab Europe's recommendations for a revision of the strategy, include: investing in jobs, especially for the young and disadvantaged Europeans; investing in people: mobility, education and social welfare; investing in a new economy: research, development and innovation;and finally, tips for a strong implementation of the EU 2020 Strategy.

An interactive and outstanding Europe@Debate in Ronda

Posted on 01. April 2014 by Marsida Bandilli Although all events happen only once in a lifetime some will remember longer than others. As such the Forum on Employment and Entrepreneurship in Ronda is clearly one of the most notable experiences I have recently had. The event was organized with a great eye for detail, and … Continue reading An interactive and outstanding Europe@Debate in Ronda