Enlargement and engagement? Making the Western Balkans fit for EU membership

26. March 2018

by Tuure-Eerik Niemi

The Western Balkans have long played a special role in the European Union’s foreign policy. During the Yugoslav Wars in the 1990s, the EU member states failed to act decisively and provide security and stability in the region. Since then, the EU has struggled to come up with a strategic direction for its relations with Western Balkan countries. The prolonged conflicts, economic stagnation, governance issues and Kosovo’s declaration of independence from Serbia have presented a set of significant foreign policy challenges.

Climate change: a call for a united Europe to act

Posted on 15. December 2016 by Marta Remacha Recio

marta-remacha-recio-modifiedCoral bleaching; record-breaking temperatures; the Artic melting; the El Niño phenomenon becoming stronger; despite the success of the Paris Agreement one year ago, scientific evidence of the worsening impact of climate change is piling up. 2016 has even left us with a clear-cut evidence of the irreversibility of some damages: Melomys rubicola, a small rodent endemic to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, holds the dubious honour of becoming the first mammal to be wiped out by human-induced climate change. The fight against global warming has entered a critical phase, which needs a united Europe ready to make the difference.

2014: The First European Elections?

Posted on 16. May 2014 by Estefanía Almenta Very soon European citizens will cast their vote to elect 751 MEPs representing 500 million people in 28 member states. Strictly speaking, these are not the first EU elections, yet two factors make them primary. To begin with, these are the first elections since Europe started to suffer … Continue reading 2014: The First European Elections?

„Uns geht es gut!“ – So what?

Posted on 05. December 2013 by Lukas Brück According to a recent study by the German institute for economic research (DIW), people in Germany haven’t been more contented in the last 30 years as now. It seems as if there is no awareness about the crisis in Europe and the European Union within the German electorate. … Continue reading „Uns geht es gut!“ – So what?