The premiere of the theatre play ‘refugee (woman) :)’ took place in Berlin

16. September 2017

The team behind FutureLab Europe's project Letters to Europe - female refugees telling their stories organised an event full of surprises and emotions for the official launch of the book "Letters to Europe - refugee women write" and the premier of the theatre performance "refugee (woman) : )" based on the stories of female refugees collected in the book.

A gender-equal European Commission in the making

Posted on 8. March 2017

by Matilda Flemming


As we celebrate International Women’s Day, let’s take a second to reflect on the opportunities for change ahead of us. While the current European Commission will soon celebrate its mid-term, the gossip surrounding the makeup of the next College of Commissioners is already picking up speed.

As the speculations and wheeling and dealing for creating the next Commission continues, here’s a shout-out to the power parties of Europe - and in particular to the ones that talk big about gender equality: make an official commitment that in 2019 at least 50% of the commissioners will be women, and that anything below that number is unacceptable!

FutureLab Europe members interviewed by Malta’s multimedia project Beehive Malta 2017

As part of the Maltese presidency of the Council of the European Union, four Maltese journalists were sent to Brussels to capture different Europeans’ views and ideas on Europe. FutureLabbers Marsida Bandilli, Matilda Flemming, Doris Manu and Simona Pronckute offered their take on the EU’s achievements, its challenges and its future, touching upon female leadership, democratic rights, peace and development.

Why imposing Quotas on Corporate Boards is not Gender Equality

Posted on 17. March 2015 by Marsida Bandilli The World Economic Forum (WEF), founded in 1971, has a long-standing tradition of adequately progressing important issues from sectors of business, government and civil society. It is also the place where prominent European business leaders meet annually with high-state representatives. It is due to its unique nature that … Continue reading Why imposing Quotas on Corporate Boards is not Gender Equality