20 December – 26 June: the Spanish journey towards political plurality…and the end of PSOE?

20. June 2016 by Germán Jiménez Montes

Germán Jiménez Montes20 December was indeed a turning point for modern Spanish parliamentarianism, when the journey towards the break with bipartisanism started. Time was then naturally needed to build a new balance of power in a far more pluralist parliament. Thus, the electoral processes of December and June can both be understood as being part of the same voting campaign that is meant to last approximately seven months and whose aftermath has been unavoidable from the beginning: a government coalition. The question is which one.

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20th December: A turning point in Spanish modern democracy?

15. December 2015 by Germán Jiménez Montes

Germán Jiménez MontesThe constitutional monarchy, which was built after Franco’s death in 1975, was consolidated thanks to the alternation in governments led by the social democratic Partido Socialista Obrero Español (PSOE) or the conservative Partido Popular (PP). However, the sudden rise of two non-parliamentary parties, Podemos and Ciudadanos, is threatening this incontestable dominance of the two major Spanish parties. The breakdown of this political status-quo will be one of the main consequences of the never-ending 2007 crisis; and the next parliamentary elections on 20 December will mark the beginning of a new era in Spanish democracy. A Second Transition?

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Europe is doomed to be united

Posted on 16. May 2014 by Germán Jiménez Montes Europe is for me an undoubtable historical reality. United or not under a same political or social framework, the different European regions have never survived in an autarkic way; on the contrary each of them have had a parallel development dependent on their relations with the other … Continue reading Europe is doomed to be united