Third option missing?

Posted on 16. September 2014 by Heidi Beha INTERVIEW The future of Scotland  hangs in the balance. For the young generation living in Scotland this is a chance to decide on Scottish independence from the United Kingdom. The matter of independence has encouraged many apolitical young people to engage with the issue and have an opinion. … Continue reading Third option missing?

Something sweet from bitter Ukraine

Posted on 31. July 2014 by Heidi Beha Just for fun! Ten footballers from East Ukraine travelled to Germany Oleg Sukhar – the tall star of the team – has brought a Ukrainian flag with him. ‘I guess we should really cut Crimea off the flag now,’ he jokes. Everyone laughs. Sukhar and his amateur football … Continue reading Something sweet from bitter Ukraine

Young in Greece vs. young in Germany

Posted on July 17 2013 by Heidi Beha Young people in Greece return back to their childhood home. They cannot start their own life, have their own family. This is what awaits Theodora Matziropoulou as well: Almost two-thirds of the people in her country under 30 are without a job, statistics indicate. In Germany only … Continue reading Young in Greece vs. young in Germany


Posted on 06. May 2013 by Heidi Beha Reflections on the debate with Commissoner Joaquín Almunia on Europe’s lost generation. In the aftermath of the Arab Spring it looks as if it has become en vogue for politicians to be advocates of the youth. Teenagers could be dangerous with their Facebook revolutions and their practices of … Continue reading Europe@stake

Germans to the ballots – the impact on the EU

Posted on 24. January 2013 by Heidi Beha The election year in Germany is on: The parliamentary elections in the northwestern Bundesland (federal state) Niedersachsen marked a thrilling start on Sunday. The opposition coalition won only one deputy ahead. The result reminds a basketball score. 69:68 seats for the Social Democrats and the Green Party. Angela Merkel’s … Continue reading Germans to the ballots – the impact on the EU