#Pray for … people

4. July 2016 by Adnan Rahimic

adnan-rahimic2I was born too late to be part of an era of great adventures and exploration of new worlds, and I was born too early to be a part of a generation that witnessed space travel. Instead, I’m part of a decade and century marked with wars, hate towards the unknown, xenophobia, racism and homophobia. We risk dangerously sliding back; making the same mistakes of the past and disregarding its lessons and warnings.

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Je suis Ahmed*

Posted on 19. January 2015 by Ivan Lavrentjev The tiny country of Estonia has got a new resident. Good news for Estonia, since its birth rate is declining and thousands of people work abroad. But hardly any media coverage was positive, not to mention people’s reactions on Facebook and other social media. The reason for this … Continue reading Je suis Ahmed*

Europe@debate in Hamburg: The Islam belongs to Europe

14. March 2013 On 13 March 2013, Ruprecht Polenz, Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the Bundestag, member of the CDU and a strong supporter of accepting a premise that the Islam belongs to Europe joined the Europe@debate. At the KörberForum in Hamburg, Germany, he discussed with FutureLab Europe participants Lidija Pejcinovic (Serbia) … Continue reading Europe@debate in Hamburg: The Islam belongs to Europe

Islam on the EU soil

Posted on 12. March 2013 by Lidija Pejcinovic What could be said about any religion that proclaims: „To those who act good, the good will be returned, and they would have even more than that.” This statement speaks for itself. How could be described the religion which has the quoted statement as one of the basic … Continue reading Islam on the EU soil