Will Italy’s post-Renzi government be led by a technocrat?

Posted on 8. December 2016 by Christopher Wratil and Giulia Pastorella

christopher-wratilAlready before Matteo Renzi had lost his constitutional referendum, media around the world claimed that a ‘government of technocrats’ was the most likely option to follow Renzi in case of electoral defeat. Drawing on their analysis of all technocratic governments appointed in 30 European democracies after 1977, Christopher Wratil - FutureLab Europe Member - and Giulia Pastorella estimate a rather low probability of 12-18% for the next Italian administration to be led by a technocrat. A technocratic government is therefore definitely possible but not as likely as suggested by the media.

What’s going on in Italy: presidential election merry-go-round

Posted on 20. April 2013 by Afrola Plaku As I write, the sixth round of voting for the presidential elections is taking place in Rome. Italian President of the Republic, with a 7 years mandate, is elected by  the Members of the Parliament and the representatives of the regions (1007 voters) during a plenary session, and … Continue reading What’s going on in Italy: presidential election merry-go-round