Je suis Ahmed*

Posted on 19. January 2015 by Ivan Lavrentjev The tiny country of Estonia has got a new resident. Good news for Estonia, since its birth rate is declining and thousands of people work abroad. But hardly any media coverage was positive, not to mention people’s reactions on Facebook and other social media. The reason for this … Continue reading Je suis Ahmed*

Why the Baltics won’t become another Ukraine

Posted on 04. August 2014 by Ivan Lavrentjev When the crisis in Ukraine emerged and the peninsula of Crimea was occupied by so-called polite, armed men, people in the Baltics and other regions of the world started to discuss the possibility of Russia moving in on Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania as well. Those countries, members of … Continue reading Why the Baltics won’t become another Ukraine

Nationalism in Russia – not for Marginals only

Posted on 04. November 2013 by Ivan Lavrentjev It is mid-October. In a European megapolis thousands of people gather in the night in order to encourage the police to find a guy (a non-native, according to his appearance), who murdered a 25-year-old resident. This crowd becomes aggressive and the angry individuals are soon breaking shop windows. … Continue reading Nationalism in Russia – not for Marginals only

Technician, Lawyer, Scholar, Spy

Posted on 04. July 2013 by Ivan Lavrentjev While people are enjoying their summer holidays, one needn’t to turn on a TV series to enjoy a detective show. Edward Snowden, former CIA employee, dealing with technical issues is said to be staying at the transit area of Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport in Russia. As the topic of … Continue reading Technician, Lawyer, Scholar, Spy

Happy New Year to Old Russia

Posted on 30. December 2012 by Ivan Lavrentjev There has always been a question: does the Russian nation belong to the bosom of the Western world in terms of culture? Most of the researchers find that it doesn’t. According to Huntington’s classification, Russia along with its satellite states presents an unique Orthodox civilization1. Vladimir Putin’s authoritarian … Continue reading Happy New Year to Old Russia