The iron fists in Poland and Macedonia: too similar but too bad!

8. March 2016 by Ivan Stefanovski

ivan-stefanovski2In the aftermath of the elections, which took place in October 2015, Polish voters swung even further to the right on the ideological scale. Although many had expected that Jarosław Kaczyński’s Law and Justice Party would opt for strong conservative values, few had predicted the speed with which the new establishment would tighten its grip on society, infringing on rights and freedoms and undermining European values.

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Is Europe ‘hot’ topic for Macedonia?

Posted on 26. September 2012 by Daniel Gjokjeski The media today represents the strongest weapon of the society and at same time the most influential tool of politics. Unlike the territorial borders, today the media sets new borders, much more important in the digitalized era, connected with privacy settings, accessibility and targeted up-to-date news. Also, it … Continue reading Is Europe ‘hot’ topic for Macedonia?