Süddeutsche-FutureLab Europe cooperation

16. January 2015 FutureLab Europe established a cooperation with the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung. With this cooperation, FutureLab Europe aims at promoting the exchange of ideas between the citizens of Europe, breaching the often compartmentalised national debates with fresh views from various parts of the continent. Every month between January and June 2015, Süddeutsche.de published an … Continue reading Süddeutsche-FutureLab Europe cooperation

FutureLab Europe contributing to Handelsblatt Online

08. July 2013 While German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin discussed job guarantees, financial aid and mobility with the EU council representatives, young Europeans would like to join in and be heard on a topic that concerns them more than anyone else. Six FutureLab Europe participants explained for Handelsblatt Online – a German economic newspaper … Continue reading FutureLab Europe contributing to Handelsblatt Online