Photo exhibition in Brussels: discussing diversity and inclusion in Europe

26. September 2018 In the context of the FutureLab Europe 2018 Autumn Conference, the photo exhibition and panel debate “Crossing Identities: Diversity and Inclusion in Europe” took place on 24 September at Atelier 29.  It showcased the work of the project “Crossed Paths of Europe” which aims to highlight similarities and differences between migrants and local residents … Continue reading Photo exhibition in Brussels: discussing diversity and inclusion in Europe

Let’s do it: Integration

Posted on 3. April 2017 by Fiona Fritz fiona-fritz-modified

Closing borders, limiting immigration and a faster expulsion of criminal asylum seekers. These topics currently dominate the discourse on migration all over Europe. The numbers of people seeking refuge in Europe has been on the rise for the last 5-10 years. But since 2015 this topic is on the front pages of news outlets in Germany almost every single day. Merkel's "Wir schaffen das!" (We’ll make it!) was met with scepticism by parts of the population and many politicians.

Is Europe losing it?

9. April 2016 by Sandra Grindgärds

Sandra GrindgärdsObserving how Europe manages the current influx of migrants, I wonder, is Europe losing it? How much longer can we hold on to our credibility of being a society built on human rights, tolerance, equality and social capital? Growing racism, justified hate-speeches and human beings being marked as security risks all indicate that an enhanced ‘we versus them’ culture is rising. A culture that says some human beings are superior to others, that compromises social capital and the ability to trust each other.

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Europe Must Act! The Refugee Crisis in the Eyes of Young People

12. October 2015

futurelab-europe_europe-must-act-the-refugee-crisis-in-the-eyes-of-young-people_2015For several years, Europe has witnessed people arriving on its shores after embarking on perilous journeys across the Mediterranean Sea. Increased media attention, the magnitude of recent shipwrecks in the Mediterranean and a spike in the number of people reaching the EU’s southern borders from Europe’s conflict-ridden neighbours have culminated to give the so-called refugee crisis a pan-European dimension. The crisis is now on the political agenda of every European country.