United Digital European Union

Posted on 26. February 2015 by Milan Balaban For the past couple of decades internet conquered the world at an almost unimaginable speed. It became the Wild West of the world. In the words of writer Viktor Bartol: “Nothing is real, everything is permitted”. However, as we are cruising gently through the second decade of the … Continue reading United Digital European Union

Croatia in the EU: The Flatline?

Posted on 23. October 2013 by Milan Balaban Finally, the Balkans is re-joining Europe. Recently, Croatia has officially become a part of EU. It is an interesting time for the Balkans. Many changes are about to ensue. What does that all mean for us? There are two main viewpoints from which I would like to take … Continue reading Croatia in the EU: The Flatline?

Freedom vs Privacy

Posted on 08. October 2014 by Milan Balaban By the time you’ve finished reading this paragraph, approximately 3 billion internet users will have posted more than 48 hours of YouTube videos, 3600 Instagram photos and tens of thousands of Facebook articles. As we increasingly live out our lives in the digital world, the lines between freedom … Continue reading Freedom vs Privacy

Entrepreneurship in the Balkans: Why is it so damn hard?!

Posted on 11. June 2014 by Milan Balaban We are now in the age of the “New Rich”. They’re smart, capable and have more money than presidents of certain countries. Say hello to the generation of internet millionaires, celebrities and entrepreneurs who earn tons of money without ever stepping away from their laptop. Why isn’t everyone … Continue reading Entrepreneurship in the Balkans: Why is it so damn hard?!