Tuure-Eerik Niemi

I have a background in political science, international relations and European politics. I am currently a M.A. candidate in EU International Relations and Diplomacy at the College of Europe, and I have a B.A. in World Politics from Leiden University's International Honors College. I am based in Bruges, Belgium, but I have studied in Finland, Swaziland, the Netherlands, China and the United States. My main interests are international affairs,  foreign policy, in addition to community engagement and empowerment.

Zuzana Novakova

Zuzana Novakova NEWI have a background in development and democracy, public policy, international relations - and I oscillate between academia and the think tank world. I am based in Netherlands and Ukraine at the moment, but have lived in Belgium, Brazil, Portugal, Slovakia and Spain before that. My main interests are societies in transition and the multitude of social processes that mark progress (and regress) of mankind.

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