A golden cage is still a cage

Posted on 08. December 2015

by Marta Remacha Recio

marta-remacha-recio-modifiedThree weeks after Paris attacks, Europe is still in shock. 130 civilians are dead, sending a very clear message not only to French citizens, but to every European: ‘you are not safe at home’. For 70 years, no war has broken out in the EU’s territory and Europeans naturally want to keep this secure and peaceful environment. With this aim, almost all European governments have reinforced security measures, but is this really the way to guarantee security?

Right to be forgotten: Privacy now in the “Pantheon”?

Posted on 17. October 2014 by Fiona Fritz “I know what you did last summer”. This statement marks the beginning of a series of horrible events in the 1997 horror movie of the same name. Although these events are (luckily) purely fictional, a lot of the things we do in our real lives (and not … Continue reading Right to be forgotten: Privacy now in the “Pantheon”?

Technician, Lawyer, Scholar, Spy

Posted on 04. July 2013 by Ivan Lavrentjev While people are enjoying their summer holidays, one needn’t to turn on a TV series to enjoy a detective show. Edward Snowden, former CIA employee, dealing with technical issues is said to be staying at the transit area of Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport in Russia. As the topic of … Continue reading Technician, Lawyer, Scholar, Spy