Europe Must Act! The Refugee Crisis in the Eyes of Young People

12. October 2015

futurelab-europe_europe-must-act-the-refugee-crisis-in-the-eyes-of-young-people_2015For several years, Europe has witnessed people arriving on its shores after embarking on perilous journeys across the Mediterranean Sea. Increased media attention, the magnitude of recent shipwrecks in the Mediterranean and a spike in the number of people reaching the EU’s southern borders from Europe’s conflict-ridden neighbours have culminated to give the so-called refugee crisis a pan-European dimension. The crisis is now on the political agenda of every European country.

Investing in the Future: Economic Inequality, Climate Change and the Sharing Economy

28. July 2015


The publication "Investing in the Future: Economic Inequality, Climate Change and the Sharing Economy" is a collective effort of FutureLabbers Ana Luisa Correia, Efehan Danisman and Nathalie Straker, who co-authored this paper stemming from the input they received attending the 2015 Forum of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

FutureLabbers reflected on today’s challenges, such as climate change and economic inequality, and opportunities, such as the sharing economy, analysing them from their perspective and continuing the debate in a written form once the Forum finished.

Manifesto: Choose European Democracy, Abandon the Politics of Numbers!


The critical negotiations carried out over the past months between the Greek government and the Eurogroup on the future of the financial assistance programme to Greece triggered a discussion that went way beyond mere economic reforms and financial plans. Concerns about the status of democracy in the EU, solidarity and the future of the Union were voiced by many, who fear the consequences that the handling on the Greek crisis will have on the European continent.

In light of recent developments and worried about the future of the EU and its democracy, a few members of FutureLab Europe wrote together the Manifesto Choose European Democracy, Abandon the Politics of Numbers!

Creating a Common European Future: Integration of Young Migrants in Europe

15. April 2015


Are EU Member States facing similar challenges when it comes to the integration of third country nationals? What can the EU do to improve the integration of migrants in its societies? Is the European Integration Fund (EIF) a good instrument to promote integration in EU Member States?

FutureLab Europe took matters in its own hands and investigated the practice of the European Integration Fund (EIF), in Finland, Germany, Romania, and Spain surveying migrants who benefited from EIF-funded programmes and interviewing NGOs whose budget is financed by the EIF.

On the basis of their findings, FutureLab Europe participants developed a number of policy recommendations to the EU, national and regional authorities and NGOs.

The limits of Europe: The future of the EU’s relations with its Eastern neighbours

12. December 2014


When twelve new members joined the European Union in 2004 and 2007, the borders of the Union shifted further towards the East. This paper examines the relationship of the EU with its Eastern Neighbourhood; the six Eastern Partnership countries – Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine – and Russia. Special attention is paid to the potential opportunities arising out of these relationships from the youth perspective of FutureLab Europe and the measures that its young participants deem necessary in order for these opportunities to be seized.