The premiere of the theatre play ‘refugee (woman) :)’ took place in Berlin

16. September 2017

The team behind FutureLab Europe's project Letters to Europe - female refugees telling their stories organised an event full of surprises and emotions for the official launch of the book "Letters to Europe - refugee women write" and the premier of the theatre performance "refugee (woman) : )" based on the stories of female refugees collected in the book.

Let’s do it: Integration

Posted on 3. April 2017 by Fiona Fritz fiona-fritz-modified

Closing borders, limiting immigration and a faster expulsion of criminal asylum seekers. These topics currently dominate the discourse on migration all over Europe. The numbers of people seeking refuge in Europe has been on the rise for the last 5-10 years. But since 2015 this topic is on the front pages of news outlets in Germany almost every single day. Merkel's "Wir schaffen das!" (We’ll make it!) was met with scepticism by parts of the population and many politicians.

Science and the Refugees

18. February 2016 by Anna Harpviken

Anna HarpvikenAs a girl that had her Ph.D. party all planned out at the age of six, and with two parents that work as researchers, I have lived to learn the importance of science. Research contributes to innovation, stirs public debate and opens up our minds to new possibilities. From my point of view, these qualities are essential in today’s Europe; this not only applies to the hard sciences and innovation, but also – and maybe more importantly – to today’s reality, in order to understand the current refugee crisis.

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A Syrian perspective on Europe and the refugee crisis – a chat with Razan Ibraheem

01. February 2016 by Elisa Montesinos Aguilar

Elisa Montesinos AguilarWar has been raging in Syria for almost five years now. According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the conflict has pushed over four million refugees out of the country and made hundreds of thousands of victims. Many Syrians have embarked on very perilous journeys across the Mediterranean Sea in search of a better life in Europe.

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