Right to be forgotten: Privacy now in the “Pantheon”?

Posted on 17. October 2014 by Fiona Fritz “I know what you did last summer”. This statement marks the beginning of a series of horrible events in the 1997 horror movie of the same name. Although these events are (luckily) purely fictional, a lot of the things we do in our real lives (and not … Continue reading Right to be forgotten: Privacy now in the “Pantheon”?

Freedom vs Privacy

Posted on 08. October 2014 by Milan Balaban By the time you’ve finished reading this paragraph, approximately 3 billion internet users will have posted more than 48 hours of YouTube videos, 3600 Instagram photos and tens of thousands of Facebook articles. As we increasingly live out our lives in the digital world, the lines between freedom … Continue reading Freedom vs Privacy

And here it is: The right to be forgotten (confirmed by EU court)

Posted on 13. May 2014 by Elias Vartio Around a year ago, I wrote an entry on the possibility of a citizen right “to be forgotten” emerging through legislation and case law (available here). Now, on 13th of May 2014, the day has arrived, just as anticipated. The case also mentioned by Laura Virué Escalera in … Continue reading And here it is: The right to be forgotten (confirmed by EU court)

Online Anonymity

Posted on 13. January 2014 by Stephan Kool 6 Months have passed since Mrs. Merkels remarks about the ‘Neuland’ internet. As far as we can tell, the excessive spying by the NSA and other intelligence agency has been going on unchanged ever since. The most recent news is that the European parliament has just agreed on … Continue reading Online Anonymity

A “right to be forgotten” coming up?

Posted on 20. April 2013 by Elias Vartio For more than a hundred years ago – in 1890 two American attorneys  Samuel D. Warren and Louis D. Brandeis proclaimed that a right to privacy is needed for the protection of the individual from the intrusion of the public into their private lives. Special caution was already … Continue reading A “right to be forgotten” coming up?