Rethinking foreign policymaking

Posted on 15. January 2016 by Linda Ohman

linda-ohmanWorld politics is becoming increasingly tangible to Europeans. Recent events such as the war in Ukraine, deteriorating relations with Russia, as well as the migration wave to Europe bring foreign affairs – and especially conflicts – closer to home. These events not only take place in Europe and its immediate vicinity, but are also increasingly intertwined, succeeding one another at an ever higher pace. Their complexity and the uncertainty brought with it makes foreign affairs more challenging to grasp, but also increases the need for a basic understanding of foreign policy and foreign policymaking.

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The destiny of Crimean Tatars after Crimea’s annexation in 2014

12. January 2016 by Ivan Kendzor

Ivan KendzorDuring the annexation of the Crimean Peninsula by the Russian Federation in March 2014, little attention was paid to the destiny of the 240,000 Tatars who inhabit the peninsula. The case of the Crimean Tatars is interesting, primarily because they are one of the few groups residing in Crimea who were in direct opposition to Putin’s regime and against the occupation. To better understand the origin and current state of conflicts between the Russian Federation and Tatars, it is necessary to take a short look back into history.

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Is there any future for the Eastern Partnership?

18. December 2015 by Michal Gulczynski

Michal GulczynskiThe Eastern Partnership (EaP) is in trouble. Out of the six member countries, five have contested borders, while the sixth is run by dictator. The EaP is no longer on the short list of priorities of the European Union and in this time of multiple crises – Greece, refugees, terrorist attacks, the coming referendum on Brexit or consistently growing nationalism, confirmed in the recent elections in Poland and France – it has almost completely disappeared from European media. Moreover, the initiators and most ardent supporters, Carl Bildt and Radek Sikorski, are now absent from European politics. In this situation, is there any future for EaP?

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The EU and Ukraine: a tango with fading passion?

Posted on 11. December 2015 by Zuzana Novakova This time two years ago, protesters occupied Kiev’s centre in dramatic style. 21 months ago Russia’s parliament approved the use of force in Ukraine to protect Russian interests, followed by the annexation of Crimea and the outbreak of a hybrid war in Eastern Ukraine. Now, 8000 dead … Continue reading The EU and Ukraine: a tango with fading passion?

FutureLab Europe participated in the Berlin Foreign Policy Forum 2015

20. October 2015 On November 9-10, 2015, FutureLab Europe participants Michał Gulczyński (Poland), Doris Manu (Romania), Zuzana Novakova (Slovakia), Linda Öhman (Finland/Germany) and Anja Aune Selmer (Norway) conveyed to Berlin to take part in the Berlin Foreign Policy Forum 2015. Every year an international group of 200 eminent politicians, government representatives, experts and journalists gather … Continue reading FutureLab Europe participated in the Berlin Foreign Policy Forum 2015