Anna Saraste

I am a journalist by profession, but have been setting up and leading youth media organisations for over six years. I am based in Berlin, Germany, and have worked and studied in Finland, Spain,  Latin America and South East Asia. Currently my main interests are how to create equal opportunities for all and fostering inclusion, as well as fake news and propaganda as challenges to democracy.

Enja Sæthren

enja-saethren2I have a background in international relations, specialising in political science. I am based in Paris where I’m doing a Master in International Public Management, with a focus on human rights and the Middle East. I just returned from Nepal after two years of work for the UN World Food Programme, managing their refugee programme. Previously I have worked for the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign affairs and the Council of Europe in Strasbourg. My main interest is forced migration and the protection of asylum seekers and refugees in the European framework, in particular to what extent the Dublin System protects the human rights of asylum seekers on European soil.

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Juliane Sarnes

Juliane Sarnes (Germany)was a Research and Strategy Analyst at the National Employment Savings Trust (NEST Corporation) in London. She holds a Masters in Public Administration from the LSE and studied previously at the Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich and the Sorbonne in Paris. She has also worked at the IMF in Washington and at HM Treasury in the UK.

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