The election weekend in Slovakia is over. Why should we care?

10. March 2016 by Zuzana Novakova

novakova_zuzannaLast weekend’s elections in Slovakia would perhaps not have meant so much, had they not happened amid the rising illiberal wave in Central Europe, or more particularly, in the troubled Visegrad region. In the context of a backlash against liberal democracy and (perhaps) threatening to undo the progress achieved by years of European integration.

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Brown stain on the map of Slovakia

Posted on 24. November 2013 by Lukáš Fúčela When I logged into Facebook this morning it resembled a situation after a major sport success of a national team. The whole “wall” was full of comments and articles on a single topic – a brown stain in the political map of Slovakia after the regional elections. Everybody … Continue reading Brown stain on the map of Slovakia

Slovakian people choose guarantees

Posted on 14. March 2012 by Veronika Sobolova “People deserve guarantees” was the main motto of the winning party SMER in Slovakia´s early elections last weekend. People chose guarantees in the most important elections since the independence of the Slovak republic, as Slovak President Ivan Gasparovic classified them. The SMER-Social Democracy party of former Prime Minister … Continue reading Slovakian people choose guarantees