Bring Back the Citizens! How to revive democratic participation for a citizens-led Europe

22. April 2016 futurelab-europe_bring-back-the-citizens-how-to-revive-democratic-participation-for-a-citizens-led-europe_2016

Why are European citizens turning their back on our political system and what needs to be done to give a new impetus to democracy in Europe? Is the EU as it is now compatible with participatory democracy? Is representative democracy the model to follow and can it be applied at every level of governance? Why has the EU lost its mojo among the people of Europe?

Concerned about these developments, FutureLab Europe’s fifth generation worked on a publication calling for concrete measures to address the root causes of these European malaises by bridging the gap between citizens and decision makers.

Creating a Common European Future: Integration of Young Migrants in Europe

15. April 2015


Are EU Member States facing similar challenges when it comes to the integration of third country nationals? What can the EU do to improve the integration of migrants in its societies? Is the European Integration Fund (EIF) a good instrument to promote integration in EU Member States?

FutureLab Europe took matters in its own hands and investigated the practice of the European Integration Fund (EIF), in Finland, Germany, Romania, and Spain surveying migrants who benefited from EIF-funded programmes and interviewing NGOs whose budget is financed by the EIF.

On the basis of their findings, FutureLab Europe participants developed a number of policy recommendations to the EU, national and regional authorities and NGOs.

Missing a generation in EU politics?

13. May 2014

futurelab-europe_missing-a-generation-in-eu-politics_2013Why and how to involve young citizens all around Europe to raise their claims – in and beyond voting? FutureLab Europe has approached 1100 young Europeans and compiled an issue paper which provides insight and recommendations on how to better implement the young generations’ valuable impetus for Europe.

Europe’s lost generation

25. April 2013


Europe’s youth has been hit hard by the economic crisis. An unprecedented level of youth unemployment, emigration and disaffection has earned Europe’s current cohort of young people the unenviable label: lost generation. FutureLab Europe consists of a group of young people from across the European continent that is currently seeking to better understand the problems of the “lost generation”. To this end, FutureLab members have compiled a report on the situation of young people in 24 European countries. They have examined primarily the issue of youth unemployment and its related challenges, engaging directly with their peers to obtain a sense of what Europe’s “lost generation” thinks about its prospects. The collection of reports from across Europe points to the need for immediate and profound reform in order to overcome the challenges facing Europe’s youth.

One passport, one people?

26. March 2012


If you had to chose between a regional, national or a European passport, which one would you choose and why? How can we strengthen the dialogue between citizens and European decision-makers? what role should citizens play in building a new Europe?

This publication presents the results of  a survey carried out between 2011 and 2012 among 600 young Europeans investigating the role of democratic citizenship in building a new Europe.