Tales of everyday madness

Posted on 26. February 2014 by Theodora Matziropoulou It is the fear in front of a white page; in this case, the fear to write about other everyday fears, which haunt us. And sometimes we don’t want to speak about. A Saturday night in Thessaloniki. In front of my apartment-building, a young man approaches me. It … Continue reading Tales of everyday madness

Young in Greece vs. young in Germany

Posted on July 17 2013 by Heidi Beha Young people in Greece return back to their childhood home. They cannot start their own life, have their own family. This is what awaits Theodora Matziropoulou as well: Almost two-thirds of the people in her country under 30 are without a job, statistics indicate. In Germany only … Continue reading Young in Greece vs. young in Germany

Reflections on the Debate “Cities in Social Crisis”

Posted on 03. June 2013 by Theodora Matziropoulou A lot has been said about the crisis and its social extensions. Middle class, citizens but also cities themselves have been reached by crisis and have to deal with challenging phenomena such as xenophobia, homelessness, unemployment and substitution of the state by solidarity initiatives. All the above were … Continue reading Reflections on the Debate “Cities in Social Crisis”

Death trips. Dream destination: Europe

Posted on 19. December 2012 by Theodora Matziropoulou Friday, 14th of December, early morning. With daylight, one more tragedy was revealed in the Aegean Sea. The trip of 28 irregular immigrants attempting to pass from Turkey to Lesvos Island ended in dramatic way because of bad weather. Midway, due to overload and due to strong winds, … Continue reading Death trips. Dream destination: Europe