The Future of Democracy?

25. November 2013 On 17 and 18 November a group of young Europeans met in Brussels to discuss the strengths and weakness of the current democratic system(s) with regards to the future challenges and to identifying the priorities for action. The workshop was hosted by the King Baudouin Foundation as a part of the Foundation’s … Continue reading The Future of Democracy?

Technician, Lawyer, Scholar, Spy

Posted on 04. July 2013 by Ivan Lavrentjev While people are enjoying their summer holidays, one needn’t to turn on a TV series to enjoy a detective show. Edward Snowden, former CIA employee, dealing with technical issues is said to be staying at the transit area of Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport in Russia. As the topic of … Continue reading Technician, Lawyer, Scholar, Spy

Will frogs from Athens settle down also in Košice?

Posted on 06. February 2013 by Lukáš Fúčela I couldn’t resist myself to write also some of my thoughts on the controversies connected with European Capital of Culture project in Košice (Slovakia) after reading latest Marta’s blog on this project in Marseille. The project of European Capital of Culture is well-known and also watched by general … Continue reading Will frogs from Athens settle down also in Košice?