The British General Elections – Why Did Labour Fail? Election Aftermath – Turning to the Future

Posted on 08. July 2015

by Ivan Stefanovski

ivan-stefanovskiDid it all start wrong with the inter-party election of Ed Miliband as President of the Labour in May 2010? Was that May 23rd an unlucky one for the Labour Party? After the electoral defeat in 2010, and the resignation of former Prime Minister Gordon Brown as leader of the Labour Party, many hoped that a new era for Labour was on the horizon. Although Miliband the older was a favourite in the inter-party election, younger brother Ed, standing on the shoulders of the trade unions, won the close tie by a small margin, achieving the support of 50,65% of the electoral college. In his early 40s, Ed was the youngest leader in Labour history, while also becoming a leader of the opposition in Parliament.

Young British voters: a crucial vote, if they cast it

Posted on 08. May 2015 by Mathew Shearman It is the closest election for a generation. Political parties are looking for votes in all parts of the electorate to secure the 326 MPs needed to form a majority Government in the House of Commons. The 3.3 million ‘first-time voters’ would provide a crucial base of support … Continue reading Young British voters: a crucial vote, if they cast it