Impressions from the Berlin Foreign Policy Forum

Posted on 12. December 2014 by Ulyana Vynyarchuck This year I have experienced Berlin in a new way. It has been absolutely priceless to witness and get emotionally involved in the ceremony dedicated to the fall of the Berlin Wall while standing in the tightly and chaotically packed but happy crowd in front of the Brandenburger … Continue reading Impressions from the Berlin Foreign Policy Forum

Presidential elections. One day in Ukraine

Posted on 16. May 2014 by Ulyana Vynyarchuck Currently studying as an Erasmus Mundus student in Rome, having left most of my family and friends back in the city of Lviv (Western Ukraine), my daily morning check up of news from home has turned into a torture.  And it is not that the news reports have … Continue reading Presidential elections. One day in Ukraine

“Eastern Partnership Ltd.”

Posted on 27.  November 2013 by Ulyana Vynyarchuck Partially, inspired by my current study programme in economics, I find the word ‘limit’ of special interest for the case of the Eastern Partnership model. It has been many times that we would have had to explore the limits – both positive and negative – of a … Continue reading “Eastern Partnership Ltd.”

O Sport, You are Peace?

Posted on 05. June 2012 by Ulyana Vynyarchuck “Wars break out because nations misunderstand each other. We shall not have peace until the prejudices which now separate the different races shall have been outlived. To attain this end, what better means than to bring the youth of all countries periodically together for amicable trial of muscular … Continue reading O Sport, You are Peace?

Ukraine: dazed and confused

Posted on 07. February 2012 by Ulyana Vynyarchuck Dazed and confused, in my opinion that’s the way Ukrainian society feels these days. And frankly speaking it’s not all about the woman, namely Mrs.Tymoshenko – the former prime minister of Ukraine. The major concern of the average Ukrainian has more to do with the nation’s self determination … Continue reading Ukraine: dazed and confused