2015: a year in elections – old trends and new challenges. A fresh look by young Europeans

22. January 2016

futurelab-europe_2015-a-year-in-elections-_-old-trends-and-new-challenges2015 had been hailed by many observers as the year during which voters would finally decide if the EU would survive. In recent years, several elements piled up suggesting the erosion of democracy in Europe: low turn-out in the elections, growing dissatisfaction of citizens against the establishment, low participation in civil society movements and recent constitutional changes in countries like Hungary. Several of these elements continued and in some cases further consolidated throughout 2015.

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Should the voting age be lowered to 16? Spain’s Case

Posted on 17. July 2015 by Carolina Seminario Herrera In recent times, many countries in Europe have debated the possibility of lowering the legal voting age to 16. At the moment and within the framework of the EU, voting at 16 is only allowed in national elections in Austria since 2008, although it is allowed at … Continue reading Should the voting age be lowered to 16? Spain’s Case

3 Reasons Why Internet Voting is ‘Far From Home’

Posted on 23. March 2015 by Miloš Djindjic User-friendly technologies make people more prone to the activities that come with electronic, internet or online prefixes. Whether it’s online purchasing, e-banking or gaming, you can almost do everything online nowadays. There is no end in sight to the debate on the impact of new technologies on peoples’ lives. … Continue reading 3 Reasons Why Internet Voting is ‘Far From Home’

My Europe: What young people care about

08. September 2014


How do the young people see their current situation? How important is Europe for them? Where do the political and social challenges lie?

In their series “My Europe. What Young People Care About” Süddeutsche.de published guest contributions by FutureLab Europe participants. This new publication presents seven out of the altogether fifteen articles and further background information.

Living the digital narrative

Posted on 29. June 2014 by Anna Karolin I have two laptops (work and personal), a tablet I use for reading and a high end smartphone for tracking, calling and taking pictures. I know how to operate all major social media sites and can familiarise myself with software with a user-friendly interface within a few hours. … Continue reading Living the digital narrative