The iron fists in Poland and Macedonia: too similar but too bad!

8. March 2016 by Ivan Stefanovski

ivan-stefanovski2In the aftermath of the elections, which took place in October 2015, Polish voters swung even further to the right on the ideological scale. Although many had expected that Jarosław Kaczyński’s Law and Justice Party would opt for strong conservative values, few had predicted the speed with which the new establishment would tighten its grip on society, infringing on rights and freedoms and undermining European values.

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Historical circle of being – the Refugee Question

Posted on 14. September 2015 by Adnan Rahimic Looking at the ongoing refugee crisis, it’s time for some history lessons. This is a story that happened a long, long time ago, even before our parents were born. Long forgotten, or at least not mentioned enough to remind us that history is a circle, and that … Continue reading Historical circle of being – the Refugee Question

The refugee crisis: zooming in and out

Posted on 01. September 2015 by Doris Manu Refugees are making the headlines every day, their stories reach us more or less directly and a recent opinion poll shows that Europeans see immigration as one of the major challenges the EU is facing at the moment. There are reasons to worry more and more about … Continue reading The refugee crisis: zooming in and out

Papa (Franjo), do preach!

Posted on 12. June 2015 by Adnan Rahimic On 6 June 2015, Pope Francis – Papa Franjo in Bosnian and Serbo-Croatian – visited Sarajevo. It was his first visit to Sarajevo and the third official visit of a Vatican representative to Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Pope came to bring a message of peace to the Balkans, … Continue reading Papa (Franjo), do preach!