FutureLab Europe discussed social entrepreneurship with MEP Sofia Ribeiro at the Ronda Forum 2016

29. February 2016

On February 26-27, 2016 FutureLab Europe took part in the Ronda Forum 2016, an international forum organised by the Real Maestranza Foundation and ITER Alumni. This year’s Forum, entitled The Cities We Want, The Cities We Need, focused on social entrepreneurship and its role in transforming Europe’s small cities and peripheral regions into attractive places for its citizens, especially for the young generation.

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FutureLab Europe met Swedish Minister Kristina Persson

16. June 2016 FutureLabbers Ana Luisa Correia, Marian Cramers, Efehan Danisman and Nathalie Straker met Kristina Persson, Swedish Minister for Nordic Cooperation and Strategic Development at the 2015 Forum of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Mrs. Persson engaged with FutureLabbers in a vivid and fruitful debate about the inclusion of young people … Continue reading FutureLab Europe met Swedish Minister Kristina Persson

Therapy for entrepreneurs in five steps

Posted on 25. February 2015 by Estefanía Almenta Lopez Step 1 – Making a decision I had been unemployed for several months, when I decided it was time to create some opportunities myself. There had been many discouraging factors. There was the threat that things would become even more difficult. I had never been self-employed. Previously, I … Continue reading Therapy for entrepreneurs in five steps

Juncker’s investment package; the last chance for European Millennials?

Posted on 18. December 2014 by Daniel Gjokjeski Youth employment being a top priority has been a constant in the European leaders’ discourse; Europe’s future depends on the skills, creativity and energy of our young people, they all say repeatedly. Unfortunately, youth unemployment levels are at a worryingly high level, especially in the South of … Continue reading Juncker’s investment package; the last chance for European Millennials?

G20, Y20 and Youth Unemployment

Posted on 16. December 2014

by Noora Löfström

noora-lofstrom2With 2014 almost over, the presidency of the Group of Twenty (G20) was passed to Turkey from Australia. The G20 met in mid-November in Brisbane, Australia and the outcome of the meetings and the communique was not as widely covered by the media as the premature departure of the Russian president. All eyes were on Putin; the G8 summit that was meant to be held in Sochi in June was transformed into a G7 meeting in Brussels without Russia, to protest against the Russian annexation of Crimea.