Bringing Europe’s Youth on Board

Posted on 07. November 2012 by James Kilcourse When asked to support a more integrated EU in the coming years, young Europeans will ask themselves two questions: ‘What has Europe done for me?’ and ‘What is the EU really for?’ “More Europe” has become the rallying cry of the politicians and officials tasked with reviving the … Continue reading Bringing Europe’s Youth on Board

When Actions are Priceless

Posted on 02. November 2012 by Daniel Gjokjeski As president of the Ivanov School of Leaders Alumni Association I worked on a project titled “Dreaming in color” which was one of our first activities several months after the formation of the organization. The idea was to find a way to present to high school students the … Continue reading When Actions are Priceless

Communicating the EU to young people

Posted on 25. September 2011 by Nevena Jovanovic The young people living in the former Communist countries of South Eastern Eu­rope, on a daily basis, can hear about “European practices” and “European standards” in different fields of public life, which are usually taken as measure of positive or at least favorable way of doing things. Regardless … Continue reading Communicating the EU to young people